How to Post a Panorama on Instagram as a Swipeable Multi-Post

Have you ever wished you could post a panorama to Instagram without it looking tiny?  It’s time to show your followers the big picture! No Photoshop course needed! 

You can post your panoramas on Instagram, sliced into a multi-image post, using the InstaTools app, which is also by the creator of the Photo Investigator.  The app has other great features, but this post will be about the “Perfect Pano” feature.  So be sure to install the app first, and let’s get started!

1. Open the InstaTools app, and choose your panorama.

2. Tap the “Perfect Pano” button, and then hit “Save”. Choose to save the images from the share sheet.

In Instagram

3. Now open the Instagram app, and start a new post.  After you’ve selected the first image, tap the aspect ratio button.  This is because the InstaTools app will choose the best aspect ratio to cut a panorama with, to show the full image.  Although, you can manually choose the aspect ratio in InstaTools also, and the background color to fill a portion of the last frame with.

4. Hit the “Multi-Post” button and select the rest of the pano! That’s it! The rest is the same as using Instagram normally


Try to use panoramas that have action in every frame.

If there are people or something interesting on the far right, you can Flip / Mirror the image with InstaTools before you save the pano, and it will be more attention grabbing in the post.

Try the “Brighten” feature on your pano also. Brighten can really improve the contrast and clarity of pictures.  This feature uses the advanced CLAHE algorithm (Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization), and is one of the best features of the app.

InstaTools is free! Try it now!

InstaTools is an indie app, and I appreciate your support. Please share it with your friends!

Thank you!

 Try InstaTools to finally post panoramas on Instagram, by using the Perfect Pano mode to save the panorama into swipeable images for a multi post. Add a watermark to pictures. Choose photo aspect ratio (tall, wide, square) and * background color. Try all these features and more for free now!